Couple Counselling and Therapy



How couples counselling / relationship therapy might help you

All couples are different and have their own unique history and story. But in general couple counselling / relationship therapy can be useful for many reasons. Some of the reasons couples  decide to seek outside help include:

  • You are committed to your relationship but want to improve it and find real intimacy, building a strong and lasting relationship.

  • You are having relationship problems and want to resolve the underlying issues and conflicts (e.g. reoccuring communication conflicts, trust issues, infidelity of a partner or both, problematic emotional dynamics, family issues).

  • You are experiencing sexual issues within your relationship that you want to resolve.

  • You are experiencing intimacy issues within your relationship that you want to resolve.

  • You are considering a long-term relationship, but you feel you need to improve your relationship first before making such a committment.

  • You are considering having an affair and want to understand what happened in your relationship that has led to this.

  • You are doubting your relationship or even considering ending your relationship but have decided to try to work things out. 

  • You have decided to end your relationship but want to end it on good terms. 

  • You realise your relationship has not turned out the way you hoped or expected it to be and you want to see if you can turn it around before all the goodwill is gone out of it.

  •  You are experiencing unexpected disagreements around your respective parenting style or values and want to find a way to do this which respects both your values, while raising your children in a way that is agreeable to you.

  • You are experiencing difficulties with your partner's family of origin or they with yours, and you want to be able to go to family occasions without feelings of dread.

  • Your partner has become a stranger to you and you wonder if you can go on in this type of unfulfilling realtionship, living like room mates rather than soul mates.

  • You don't respect your partner's opinion or you have nothing to talk about except the children, and feelings of interest or caring have gone out of your relationship, and you want to see if your relationship can be salvaged.

  • You no longer feel attracted to your partner and wonder if this is due to age, hormones changing, or the resentment and hatred you feel towards them.

  • You love your partner but feel something is missing as you no longer feel connected or close to them and wonder what it means, and how to turn it around.


My approach

One of the very first steps a couple must take to rebuild intimacy is to learn to express their own thoughts and feelings and carefully listen to those of their partner. Without being able to express themselves and listen to another, partners cannot achieve intimacy. With perseverance and committment, partners can learn to improve and restore the communication between them, in a way that respects their individual differences and needs within the relationship, and a new dialogue is created.


By carefully attending to the emotional safety of each partner within the realtionship, I empower couples to express their needs, vulnerabilities and disappointments within the relationship, while supporting partners to respond in new ways, creating a new way of relating within the relationship. By creating an athmosphere of respect, careful listening and emotional responsiveness, couples are empowered to find a shared solution to their joint difficulty. 


© 2018 by Theresa Cawley

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