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Well-being and Happiness

Sometimes we can feel a quiet discontent that our life isn't exactly as we hoped and aren't sure what it is that we need to be doing.


It can be helpful for people to take the time to reflect on decisions they might be considering making or to explore what would bring them greater ease, contentment and satisfaction. 

Well-being is thinking and feeling that our life is going well and not badly. It’s influenced by both internal factors such as our personality, level of resilience and outlook, as well as external factors, such as the social world in which we live and the resources with we have to live.


Some of the major determinants of our well-being or happiness are our temperament, the quality of our social relationships, the societies within which we live, and our ability to meet our basic needs. Our happiness is not just good for our physical health, but it is also good for people around us. When asked what people most want out of life, happiness is almost always on the list.


There is no magic wand to happiness as it’s composed of several different elements including our satisfaction with our life and our accomplishments, positive feelings of engagement, enjoyment and loving, as well as a sense of purpose and meaning, while being low on negative emotions and chronic worries. We can be happy in all aspects, some aspects or none at all, depending on our internal and external circumstances. The key to well-being is a holistic balancing of all aspects of our life, making choices which are supportive of what’s good for us.


My approach

Prescriptions for happiness are oversimplified because happiness has different components, so one size doesn’t fit all. Through the process of reflection, attention to the here-and-now of experiencing and the self-narration that goes along with it, I work with people’s strengths and build their resourcefulness, so that they can begin to re-discover and follow their passion. 

my approach
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