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Policy On Cancellations

Due to the demand for appointments, many people have to wait for appointments. I endeavour to see people as quickly as possible and one of the ways I minimise waiting times is to reduce the number of unused appointments.


I value your time and endeavour to start and finish sessions on time. In order to get the most from your appointment, please arrive on time as lateness cannot be made up at the end of the appointed time. If you are 10 minutes late for your session, I will contact you to establish if you intend on arriving. 

As you will be given a protected time slot, it means I cannot offer this appointment to anyone else. A minimum of one weeks notice is required in order to cancel a session. If less than one weeks notice is given, the fee for the cancelled session will still be payable, regardless of the reason. 


Occasionally where the client has not been in a position to give one weeks notice, it might be possible to re-schedule a session on a different day/time during the week, but this would be strictly subject to availability. If the session cannot be made up on a different day/time, the full fee will be still payable. 

Should it be necessary for me to re-schedule a session, you will be notified in advance and an attempt will be made to offer an alternative appointment within the same week. Should it not be possible for either of us to re-schedule the session, the fee will not be payable. 


Having made the decision to attend counselling, it is important you develop a routine of attending regular sessions. this is because, when you are dealing with personal issues, consistency in attendance will most likely help you maintain the commitment that is needed in order for you to work towards a possible satisfactory resolution of these issues. A decision to end counselling is best discussed with me in advance of ending. 


If you are regularly cancelling your allocated appointment, I will discuss this with you and therapy may be placed on hold until you can commit to regular therapy sessions. 

If you have any questions about anything within this policy, I encourage you to bring them up when we meet.

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