My Therapeutic Approach

As a Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist, I am influenced by the person-centered approach of Carl Rogers, who stressed the importance of providing optimum conditions for people to grow. These include acceptance, valuing, warmth, genuiness and understanding. Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy has its roots in humanistic philosophy, which emphasises human dignity and the human capacity for fulfilment. Research shows that it is the quality of the relationship between a client and their therapist which is a catalyst for deep internal change. As a result of this I use a number of relationship-based, dialogical and experiential methods to facilitate clients integrate aspects of their mind, body and spirit which are causing them a lack of ease in their relationship with themselves, others or society at large.

Being an integrative psychotherapist means that I use a variety of approaches in collaboration with my clients, so they are an active conscious co-creators of the kind of changes they desire to make. I use psycho-education to educate people so that they can ultimately determine the direction in which they want to go and make choices based on this understanding. My clients safety is of paramount importance to me and as a result of this I work to empower people to attend to building their resources both internally and externally in their lives, so that they can take charge of their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


© 2018 by Theresa Cawley

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